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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

TV stars with CNY ties

Vanessa Williams
There are a plethora of household names that have past personal ties to Central New York as it's too easy to start in a big area.  Been meaning to do this.  Here is a list of ones I know:

Kevin James (attended SUNY Cortland)
Al Roker (attended SUNY Oswego)
Peter Falk*
David Muir (born in Syracuse; formerly on CBS 5; now on ABC)
Jerry Seinfeld (attended SUNY Oswego)
Andrew Daly (attended Ithaca College)
Megyn Kelly* (born in Syracuse; I call her local girl)
Tom Everett Scott* (does TV occasionally)
Debra Wilson*
Bob Costas*
Ted Koppel*
John Walsh (born in Auburn)
Annette Funicello (born in Utica)
Dick Clark*
Taye Diggs*
Jerry Stiller*
Vanessa Williams (pictured; was on Ugly Betty and is only local legend on both this and sister blogs post on CNY)*

*SU alumni