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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Spectrum: Long live Time Warner

Here at last!
After nearly a year of waiting, the Time Warner Cable name has finally gone the way of its predecessors Warner Amex, NewChannels and Adelphia (in CNY anyway).  TWC commercials have been phased out, TWC News now is called Spectrum News (which may now be added to pre-existing Spectrum systems such as Alpena, MI), and Spectrum vans are now on the streets (some older ones and third-party contractors may still have the old guard on them yet to be covered).  Spectrum Centre in Raleigh, NC is now renamed while other venues with naming rights had them sold to others or closed.  Still waiting for the Rochester office to get new signs.  The Rome one has theirs but it's a small building in a small town.  The old bus station in Syracuse still has News 10 Now's logo and I haven't been by the East Syracuse office in a while.
TWCs former corporate parent turned namesake are being sold to AT&T, owner of DirecTV.  Even Time and Life magazines aren't owned by them anymore.  Someone years ago said the company would split into several separately traded entities (AOL, Warner Music Group, etc.).

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