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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

ClearTV review

My own ClearTV antenna in the window.

Put this on eBay but it was too good not to put here too.  Picks up where I left off six months ago:

I bought this as I have an antenna installed upstairs to save on having satellite on all three TVs (lucky there's no such thing as a licence fee in the US like there is in most of the Commonwealth if not EU).  I have the old school aerial on the chimney but it has to be taken off my house soon due to damage and the dish moved over to the roof.  If you're looking to cut the cord you should have this for local programmes at least as not all terrestrial programming is streamed like some cable ones are these days with Amazon Prime, Netflix or Sling.  Much of what I watch is on Fox (FNCs sister) and PBS so this is all I need right now.  My TVs are older so they have converters I bought with FCC-sponsored gift cards when they came out several years ago.  However if you live in an area that doesn't have a network affiliate of its own like one I go to which used to get CBS on cable from my town and another that still does the same with NBC and you're on your own for MyNetworkTV, then maybe this isn't gonna be enough if you wanna watch something that's carried on an out of town station on cable or satellite.  Also even adding the amplifier may not help if you live too far from a TV market or there's nature in the way like hills outside the Midwest and Steppes for that matter.  Also this is more for NTSC DTV and HD signals in North America.  I saw this on TV in an informercial but it's better value for money to order from here and I will get another in the foreseeable future.

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