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Monday, September 26, 2016

my Chicago TV

This can always be changed.
With WGN 9 going back to their indie roots, WPWR 50.1 is not only CW for Chicago, but myNetworkTV as well in an unusual move for the nations third largest TV market and the largest in the Midwest.  This is something you'd expect in the past or now in a small town not the Windy City.  However, there is a space on 50.5 when the other four are in use as some tiers have five channels like ion in some areas.  It should be used for myNetworkTV alone.  They are based in Gary, IN of Jacksons fame which is part of the Chicagoland metroplex.  As for syndicated programming (much of what used to be made in Cook County) there might not be enough even Entertainment Studios, informercials or other available programming.  Then RCN, Comcast, Dish and DirecTV have to agree to carry it as WGNs owner Tribune only just made peace with Dish recently (I only missed WGN America, the national counterpart for outside the Chicago area).  To boot, WPWR as myNetworkTV is an O&O (and sister to Fox 32 WFLD) so they should be a priority along with carrying a competitor (this is similar to my38 WSBK in Boston which is now owned by CWs half-owner CBS whose O&O there is CBS 4 WBZ; the switch made after UPN folded into the CW and WSBK too went back to being network-free for a period like it was back when I could watch it on cable growing up, as I only went to both big cities in more recent memory, yet WGN also only came later to my area).  myNetworkTV prove to be a weak sister to Fox and FNC as far as ratings go and don't be surprised if they go the way of Dumont and the WB (the other network hermaphrodited into the CW).  It is more of a syndicated package than a network and another Great Lakes region, Watertown, NY only just got a myNetworkTV and an NBC station to call their own.

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