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Thursday, January 22, 2015


The way it ought to be and where I wanna live until April!
Fox helped start a trend in the broadcast business with branding to show where the network is in each area.  While there's my43 in my neck of the woods and CBS 2 in LA, not every station has caught onto this pattern. Take WSVN in Miami.  It should be called Fox 7 especially as it's a larger area.  Up the east coast in New York City ex-indie superstation WPIX is called PIX 11 Home of the CW rather than just being CW 11 despite being the flagship.  Sister station WGN in Chicago isn't referred to officially as CW 9 either and has a cable channel for the rest of the nation.  For a less populated region WYOU in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area could be CBS 22 being all UHF over the air being surrounded by two larger markets and a few small ones with the risk of overlap on VHF.  For convenience they're within the first dozen channels on cable and FiOS.  Closer to home, NewsChannel 2 WKTV (NBC) in Utica (another common practice) is on channel 4 on Time Warner Cable in Oneida, Herkimer and Hamilton counties.  Sometimes the number isn't featured, such as Fox Rochester WUHF (31).  This is mainly an American phenomenon as it's not the same everywhere else, so you may never think of CBC affiliate CKWS in Kingston, ONT (also on TWC in the Mohawk Valley yet far from Canada) as CBC 11 but TV there is a whole other matter as most stations are O&Os with translators outside the big cities and have to follow Canadian content regulations enforced by the CRTC, north of the 49th Parallels answer to the FCC.  In my backyard if I tell a TWC customer that I watch channel 24 on Saturday nights I have to tell them that I mean WCNY (PBS) not ESPN!  On the road I sometimes know the local lineup in a nutshell.

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