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Sunday, January 25, 2015

No news is good news?

May get news for the first time in a decade.
Not all affiliates of the big four broadcasts get a newscast at 12 Noon and 10 PM or at all.  I know ABC 20 WUTR in Utica didn't have news for a time but now even sister station Fox 33 WFXV has news at 10.  Fox 68 WSYT along with sister station my 43 WNYS have changed hands recently so they may bring back news in the near future having carried NBC 3 WSTM and CBS 5 WTVH provided news (before they merged as part of CNY Central).  However CNY Central no longer have 12:00 News on either channel anymore but have it on CW 6 WSTQ at 10 PM.  Unfortunately with competition from Time Warner Cable news for local and regional stories and CNN and MSNBC for national and international coverage, local news operations struggle in the ratings and not many people are home at lunch time anymore for that.  Smaller areas may also have limited news staff if any or have a simulcast from a sister station which is the case with ABC 50 WWTI in Watertown carrying Syracuse counterpart NewsChannel 9 WSYR's news two counties away sharing owners and network franchise with some central-casting.  As if morning shows weren't cutthroat enough, trying to keep news departments running in low-rated markets can be an uphill battle.

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