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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Comcast-TWC merger

To xfinity and beyond?
There has been a lot of talk about Comcast buying Time Warner Cable.  They have been slated for net neutrality, customer service and anti-trust concerns.  Even if Washington allows this something will have to give.  Some systems could be going to Charter.  Central New Yorks may possibly go to Bright House based in DeWitt but spun off TWC in Tampa Bay and Orlando in Central Florida (take me there!).  Then there's the issue of TWC News (formerly YNN; previously News 10 Now in CNY/NNY, R News in Rochester, and Capital News 9 in Albany) as to what it could be called but YNN could come back (Comcast already have CNBC and MSNBC).  Everything's still up in the air so we'll see where this goes.  (UPDATE: In a twist of fate, Charter and Bright House are now looking into a merger of their own, which could affect Bright Houses office in the town of DeWitt if cleared.)
(2ND UPDATE: No Comcast-TWC merger.)

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